Saucony 'Story of Running'


As far as I'm concerned, Thursday night is free beer night. Brands put on events to try entice bloggers and people of note in the hope that the amassed 'influence' present at these events filters down into actual sales. This week it was the turn of running brand Saucony, who I admittedly know very little about.


The purpose of the event was for the brand to display their heritage and success in running via a timeline of their previous trainers, that in hindsight I realised I had forgotten to take any pictures of.


Oh look, old stuff.


Far more interesting was Alec's gallery of 'Tinder' weirdos he'd amassed while using the app to try get lucky. South West London really has some wrong 'un's lemme tell you.


I actually like these. They should let me design a shoe though, I'd kill it.


Vital ingredient to socialising, and King owner Paul's favourite liquid - beer.


Jamie from The Daily Street


Having to actually talk to people at events is hungry work so it's only right that we ended the night with me stuffing my stupid fat face with Byron's finest.


I've been told to add more product pictures into these blogs so here's me wearing my favourite King Product ever, the black camo jacket. Note I'm 6'3" and this is a size large. I look great in it don't I?

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