Working Class Heroes Video


This is real life, no staged social media posts. Real life...and behind every working day, every working person, there is another story.

We represent those striving for their goals, who grind daily, who pay their dues, the hustlers...with a prodigious talent.

Black cab driver by day, Grime music’s founding filmmaker and premier video producer by night. Roony ‘Risky Roadz’ Keefe is the epitome of this ethos.

Reflecting our London heritage, roots in Grime and working class origin, we took to the streets to document Risky Roadz on the job and the faces and characters of the quintessential grafters of our time – London’s Finest – Black Cab drivers...all with a story to tell.

For everyone out there building their dreams and creating their own reality...this one’s for you.

Music: Hardcore by DJ Target [SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter]

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