NYC Store Visits: Goliath


Continuing our NYC shop tour, we find ourselves in East Harlem, visiting the local mainstay; Goliath.


The store front is about as unassuming as you'd expect


Yet inside the range is huge, everyone is friendly, and the local guys hang out and shoot the shit. There is a real community vibe at Goliath.


I didn't realise New Balance were big in the hood?

Goliath3 Goliath4

Goliath have a long-standing relationship with New Era where they produce a wide range of their own headwear that sells not only out of their store here in Harlem, but according to the store manager, sells well in Japan too.

Goliath5 Goliath7 Goliath8 Goliath9

Goliath is real New York streetwear. No high-end pointless collabs, no hype and the only poncy white kid to visit recently was me. Goliath sells clothing for the streets, and thats all there is to it.


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