Socks n' Slides


Last night adidas invited us up to the Boundary rooftop in Shoreditch for some drinks and food and to revel in the unlikely fashion trend of the summer, the adidas slides and socks.


The squad; My better half, Jess (Sam's better half) and Sam (Breaks Magazine)

AdidasRoof3 AdidasRoof4

I think Sam and I were saints in a previous life or something


I know a lot of people that get really wrapped up in "oh you gotta wear adidas to an adidas event", which is lame. I'm fine in my Vans thanks.


It was nice to be on the Boundary Rooftop though, I've tried to get up here multiple times in the past and I've always been knocked back. Not sure if it's because I'm from Leeds or because I dress like a 14 year old skateboarder, but either way they've not been feeling my vibe.


Will (FHM)


This burger was all Summer - peppers and goats cheese? Fuck yes.

AdidasRoof9 AdidasRoof10

Was good to catch up with Jon (Trap Magazine)

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