The Daily Street Summer Party


Yesterday saw us attend what I hope will be the first of many Summer parties put on by The Daily Street. For the event they'd taken over the top deck of Boxpark in Shoreditch, and put on a great selection of free alcoholic beverages and just generally made sure everyone had a great time.

They were paid in kind by a large amount of their friends and fans coming out to support, and by all accounts the day was a roaring success.


The turnout was good, and why wouldn't it be? The weather was amazing.


The custom bunting was a nice touch


The man with the plan, Mr Adam Scotland overseeing proceedings.

TDS_Summer_Party_5 TDS_Summer_Party_6 TDS_Summer_Party_7

Greg (Fuckin Yeh) defied his very public dislike of Boxpark to come and party, as well as sport inappropriate summer attire.


Mike (Breaks Magazine) was down from Leeds for the weekend.


Free chips for the VIP table. Of course we were VIP, come on now.


Sean (Urban Industry) and Paul (AONO) and Sean's girlfriends head blocking most of his exquisite beard.

TDS_Summer_Party_11 TDS_Summer_Party_12

Once this New Era X Coca Cola collection was announced it was imperative that Sam (Breaks Magazine) picked one up. Want to know why? just ask to see his leg tattoo when you see him.


We finished the day grabbing pizza from Voodoo Rays in Dalston with Will (FHM) and co, and I had the pleasure of my girlfriend telling embarrassing stories about me. Great.


If this isn't your summer beer of choice then you're slipping.

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