VNA Issue 23 Launch


Last night we attended the launch of Issue 23 of the fantastic street art magazine Very Nearly Almost, an issue that yours truly even wrote a piece for. The launch was at the Lazarides gallery on Rathbone Place in central London, and was packed out from the moment the doors opened.

If this is your thing I highly recommend picking up a copy, not least because my words have graced it's pages but because it has Faile, Eelus and Prefab77 all in one issue, and thats basically the street art trifecta for anyone with any taste.


Whats an art show without free beer right?

VNA_Issue23_launch_3 VNA_Issue23_launch_4

Casual £12k Faile piece on the wall.


As soon as people realised that Eelus was in the building he got mobbed for autographs, something I'm not sure he'd counted on happening as frequently as it did.


The man himself

VNA_Issue23_launch_6 VNA_Issue23_launch_7

Al (Any Forty)


Geoff's (VNA) Charlie Brown moment.

VNA_Issue23_launch_9 VNA_Issue23_launch_11

Leroy (Red Bull) and Adam (The Daily Street)


Sam (Breaks Magazine / Foot Patrol)


Even Dan and Chris attended!

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