How To Dress Well


Converse have recently been running a series of parties in the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street. Converse are also very kind and invited me to attend last weeks offering; ultra-wet American crooner How To Dress Well. I am actually a fan of his music, but then I love Drake so what do I know, really?


The show was in partnership with stellar London internet radio station NTS, and the warm-up for the main event was Young Turks signed Koreless, who's set I admittedly only caught the end of. Which, if you were interested, ended with his magnificent atmosphere building 'Sun'.


I'm really getting some milage out of my Black Camo jacket, let me tell you.


I bet they weren't charging nearly £5 a pint when the Sex Pistols were tearing through this place in the 70s. Moan Moan Moan.


This is a photo of HTDW from far away.


I've cropped this one so it's nearer.


He was actually really good, although I felt the songs from the album 'Total Loss' filled the room and stage better, they had clearly been honed live over the last two years, but the newer tracks lacked the same presence and fell a bit short.


The show suffered a fire alarm mid-set, meaning everyone had to evacuate and come back in once it was given the all clear. Once everyone was back inside some of the equipment suffered a power cut rendering him unable to continuing performing, so to pass the time in the interim treated us to a lullaby that he'd written in advance of him having any children. Seriously.


All in all though, good show - thanks Converse!

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