Nike Phenomenal House & Plastician's Football Team


Among all the sports brands and companies scrapping for relevance around the world cup, none do it bigger than Nike. They recently set up a venue in London that included a football pitch in a cage, a exhibition on their own innovation, and put a skatepark upstairs.

They ran activities all week but I only got chance to go down on the Friday due to commitments elsewhere. Friday was good though, it hosted the Rinse FM football knockout tournament in which our very own Plastician was captaining a team.


Everyone at King bar me is a West Ham fan, but even they'll admit that this is cool as fuck.


Yung blogger aka Sam Smith photographing those flynit Nike's 'for the gram'


He loves Football he does


Nike even put a small skatepark upstairs, along with accompanying photo exhibit from a recent team trip to Brazil.

Nike_Phenomenal_House_9 Nike_Phenomenal_House_11

Mr Kyron Davis, London's finest young skate talent and the only guy I know who brings his own shit-mix to an open bar.


Sam with Dom from Nike. Dom is the best.


Ok so we actually missed a lot of the matches because we arrived late, tried to find the bar (wasn't one) then stood upstairs at the skatepark chatting shit. By the time we came back down they were doing the prize giving and it transpired that Plastician's team had actually come last.

Nike_Phenomenal_House_14 Nike_Phenomenal_House_15

Skepta's team took the top spot.


Rinse were broadcasting live from the building all day .


Bet these sell well in Essex.


A look at Nike's football boots over time, I'm not sure about you but when I was in School it was the adidas Predators that David Beckham used to wear that got the most attention.


I would wear these though. Seriously.

Nike_Phenomenal_House_21 Nike_Phenomenal_House_22

Plastician may have come bottom, but he's still a don in our eyes.

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