Pass the Dutchie – King Apparel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal Had to fish a tramp out of here with a boat hook... Not really

Last week, King Apparel flew out to Amsterdam to check out the guys at Cachicci International who head up our sales for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Getting up at 5am is a head f**k under any circumstances but when you have to do it in order to get on an Easy Jet plane it’s a DP head f**k.

Patta signage Patta - Thought it would be better

Fortunately, it only takes 40 minutes flying time to arrive in the weed capital of the world and by 9am I was happily walking around on a mission to hit up all the best fashion and streetwear stores in the city. Everyone else seemingly had other ideas, namely getting wasted. If you recall, it was only 9am.

Concrete showroom Good kicks and threads - London take note

Having smashed out the stores, picking up some badman Air Max 87 Essentials from Concrete (which I rate highly), I headed over to our agents HQ just outside of the city centre. Headed up by Carina and Eva, their showroom is one of the sickest spaces I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, and I’ve seen my fair share of impressive showrooms. Concrete, glass, white walls and a lot of amazing clothes. You get the idea. And it’s huge!

Concrete showroom A bangin' showroom by any standards

These guys have some very good brands on their roster and after a short tour, the following afternoon saw us put down strategies for the new season. We discussed implementing marketing strategies, ate sushi, drank tea (obviously) and made sure that everything is in place for the new season’s sales that will be hammered out over the next month.

Concrete showroom British streetwear in Amsterdam

A very productive trip was topped off with a visit to ex-King production manager and homeboy Dan, who now lives in the Dam and works at Nike heading up much of Converse’s European strategy. Keep your eyes peeled on the Benelux countries over the coming months as King starts to enter some of the best stores in the region. If you’re lucky you might even catch the team over there on a “team building” exercise, which of course won’t involve drugs, hookers or booze… Okay, maybe booze.

Thanks Cachicci, see you again soon.


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