Sourcing fabrics at the Premiere Vision show in Paris

Premiere Vision Venue The grind that goes behind the clothes on your back

Every six months, we book a slot in our busy schedule to jump on the Eurostar and travel over to Paris. The purpose of this trip isn’t only to eat Croque-Monsieurs outside the Gare Du Nord and drink strong Belgian beers; we also fit in a couple of days to make our presence felt at the world’s premium fabric show Premiere Vision.

Premiere Vision Show One of the reasons we're consistently on point

Premiere Vision is a show that should be in any fashion brand’s schedule and if not then you should probably just put a fork in it and get another job. The show effectively lays the foundation for the trends, palettes, fabric compositions and prints that will compose the fashions industry’s leading collections in twelve months time.

Premiere Vision Show Colour palettes for this time next year - We're so trendy

The show is a gargantuan beast so it’s essential to go in with all your research done beforehand, know exactly what themes you’re looking to build for your collection, and then call it on with the relevant suppliers. You can easily fall into the trap of walking around the massive halls not knowing what the hell you’re looking for and get eaten alive by pretty much every supplier. As the saying goes: Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance.

Premiere Vision Show Dreamland or nightmare depending on your point of view

We’re fortunate to have a high level of experience with how the show works but, even so, we were flat out for two whole days and only just fitted in everything we needed to. Without giving too much away, we hit up the tech fabrics section, made a lot of friends in jerseys and knitwear and ate far too many sweets. We also found a banging accessories manufacturer, randomly bumped into ex-footballer Edgar Davids and met some amazing print designers from the UK.

Premiere Vision Passes Gold Passes - The love was real in Paris

The visit to Premiere is an integral part of King Apparel’s research and design process and we can honestly say that we were probably the only brand there representing British street fashion. At the end of the two days we came away with what we feel are some of the sickest fabrics and concepts for what promises to be a truly groundbreaking collection. You’ll just have to wait twelve months to see it.

Premiere Vision Fabrics We didn't choose this one...


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