Behind the scenes of the King Apparel AW15 lookbook shoot

Many photographers Many photographers

Every collection has its own identity, a theme and a personality that sets it apart from every other line that has been released that season. Increasingly look books are playing an integral and important role in showcasing seasonal collections, enabling brands to present not only the garments but a more wide reaching creative side as well as helping to explore the more intricate reasons behind why the collections look the way they do.

Preparation... Preparation...

Its no easy task. Original and unique concepts need to be imagined, locations, budgets, equipment and personnel organised and of course it all needs to fit in and flow together in a seamless message that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Last month the team got together as we shot the AW15 look book. Within the studio, transparent sheeting was erected for the backdrop, and then at several staggered vertical intervals through the studio space to add depth and texture to the field of vision.

All ready to steam All ready to steam

A number of industrial props were also bought in to provide interesting references and break up the muted nature of the set - rustic steel ladders, a full length floor to ceiling mirror to provide angles and depth, and all set off with industrial caged lighting suspended from the ceiling girders.

Mid shoot in the Contour set up Mid shoot in the Contour set up

The AW15 look book explores the industrial and futuristic side of fashion, incorporated most obviously in the sonic welded and PU fabrics that adorn much of the headwear and cut and sew garments, as well as the striking transparent Hardgraft pullover shell jacket.

set life set life

The full and final look book edit can be seen on the lookbook page of the website.

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