Plymouth Streetwear Bastions - Dappa

Dappa, killing the Plymouth streetwear scene Dappa, killing the Plymouth streetwear scene

Being one of Devon's biggest cities, Plymouth quite rightly has several decent contemporary street fashion stores, however in recent years it has been Dappa who have lead the way. With the biggest New Era cap collection in that part of the country, they are also the no 1. store in the South West of England for King Apparel.

Dappa - Shop display Dappa - Shop display

These guys have been long term stockists since their early days on box hill when they combined an in-store cafe, record store and clothing store in one. Now they are bang smack in the middle of the town centre and offering brands that no other outlet can get close to in the city. Dappa also pride themselves on their merchandising skills and are testament to the fact that a bit of creativity in the display and story of the products you sell has a massive impact on sales. A lot of stores could and should take note.

This is how you merchandise a brand This is how you merchandise a brand

Obviously it also helps that Matt the owner is also one of the biggest badman Drum and Bass DJ's in the country, championing a ton of nights and festivals in the South West, and you have the perfect cocktail to make 0ne of the most successful stores of its type in the UK. Big up Matt and the Dappa team.







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