Alex Corporan - Sensei Bar

The Lower East Side of Manhattan has a reputation for being the gritty birthplace of youth subculture that New York is renowned for, with no one representing this more so than pro skateboarder and Sensei bar owner Alex Corporan.

Alex Corporan shooting the King lookbook Alex Corporan shooting the King lookbook

As one of the cities top skaters in the 90’s and a key mastermind behind Supreme, Alex has been there, done that and seen it all. Still based in the L.E.S, Alex also runs and recently opened the Sensei bar on Eldridge street - a project 5 years in the making.

King on the Lower East Side King on the Lower East Side

The space is a spiritual home for everything NY skateboarding, a hub for the artistic culture of New York, with a large gallery space located in the basement as well as just being a sick place to sink some beers and take in the scenery.

Shooting the shit Shooting the shit

Whilst in New York we took some time out to shoot some lookbook photos with Alex in the local neighborhood, including Williamsburg bridge and the notorious Max Fish bar and are stoked to be able to welcome him to our coveted team of King affiliates.

Raised Fist tribute skateboards to New York's OG's Raised Fist tribute skateboards to New York's OG's

New York is awash with amazing places to hang out but Sensei Bar is one truly one of the best. The owners live and breath the city, the culture that has shaped it, the highs and lows of the skate scene on the East coast and if you’re lucky the boys will hit you with some of their tales about the early days that if you’re a street and skate head like myself will have you hooked for the night.

Sensei bar can be found at 135 Eldridge Street. Big shouts to all the guys at Sensei and of course Alex, as well as Max Fish Bar.

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