British streetwear in Los Angeles - Brooklyn Projects

Regarded as one of the most influential stores, not just on the West Coast of the USA but throughout the whole country – Brooklyn Projects is one of those enigmas.

This is the dream team - KING x Brooklyn Projects This is the dream team - KING x Brooklyn Projects

A concoction of pure heritage, a founder and owner that has forgotten more than you know and is notoriously tough to crack, a roster of international skate and street brands that are straight legit, including their own imprint, and a whose who of skateboarding pros in and out of the door on a daily basis - oh yeah and they have a mini ramp and fish pond in the shop.

About 30k of bikes up there. About 30k of bikes up there.

Originally from New York, the store started life in Brooklyn in 1992 under the Brooklyn House moniker, making noise throughout the city and bringing everything that was good about the local street culture under one roof.

British streetwear in Los Angeles British streetwear in Los Angeles

This template was exported in 2002 to the west coast and Hollywood’s renowned Melrose Strip which has seen it take on the mantle of ‘the’ influencer store - merging real street culture with the obvious celebrity existence of the city as well as holding down their own house brand which grows in popularity by the day.

King Apparel in Los Angeles King Apparel in Los Angeles

Being connected to the right people and the like minded stores is always key when bringing something from a completely different culture into the US, which is why we spent a whole day with Dom and the team talking shop, brands, old school BMX (mutual passions) and everything in between. To know someone is on the level is as important as having the best product under the sun and it was one of the best spent days of our recent trip to the US. We are excited to get things moving with the BP over the coming six months and kitting them out with London’s finest OG street brand.

Melrose Avenue Streetwear Melrose Avenue Streetwear

Much respect to Dom Deluca and the welcoming BP team, our man on the inside Hans and check out more about the store at the following links:



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