Streetwear in Las Vegas - KING London in town

August saw us bust a quick dip to the city of sin Las Vegas to take in some meetings with Lids, and a host of our US retailers, check out the Liberty Fairs show and link with some of the best stores for streetwear in Las Vegas.

KING in Las Vegas

Our lines with Lids continue to develop and grow across Canada and the USA and the Magic week in Vegas is one of the best opportunities to run through new ideas and strategies for the coming seasons. There are going to be some sick new pieces exclusive to Lids in the coming seasons so keep your eyes peeled!

Streetwear in Las Vegas International Connection

We also took our time in the city to check out the fashion shows taking place that week and gen up on what show we'll be gracing next season. Right now its a toss up between Liberty and Project with their higher end aesthetic and some serious brands on the roster.

Two of the best streetwear stores in Vegas presently are Feature and Still Movin. There is a whole lot of mad secrets off the Strip and if you dig deeper you can reach some of the hidden gems such as these two stores. Feature has a comprehensive line of apparel brands and some serious sneaker game. They recently opened a second location at The Wynn hotel with some token luxury brand street inspired efforts to be found.

Still Movin is a core streetwear store north of the main strip. Owner Angel, who cut his teeth with Feature set up the store a year ago and has some of the best underground brands on his roster. A slightly more refined selection than Feature, both should definitely be hit up on a visit and fingers crossed KING will be gracing the shelves of one of these stores in the near future.

Feature - One of Vegas dopest stores

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