KING x Hen$haw. It's The Nu

The DIY ethic is central to our entire story, and when it comes to artists we move with, Hen$haw has always been at the top of the pile. We are proud to present KING x Hen$haw. It's The Nü.

Hen$haw - King family

Hen$haw - King family

One of the most coveted young talents signed to Nü Inc management and breakthrough label DMY - Hen$haw represents the epitome of DIY. From the early days of making tunes in his bedroom with friend and trusted producer and engineer @goodbyechase, to conceptualising and producing his own videos with his tight crew of creatives. Trust us when we tell you - Hen$haw is a man set for the highest of levels.

Emerging producer GoodyeChase on the buttons

Emerging producer GoodyeChase on the buttons

Born and raised in Camden, Hen$haw is one of those unique talents that is able to straddle a variety of genres within his repertoire. From straight Drill re-fixes and Garage infused tunes to Alt-Rap bangers. Already pulling in a fervent and loyal fanbase, he recently hit one of the main stages at ALT-LDN festival with BVD LVD and is already drawing comparisons to the rise of Slow Thai - another artist that is always looking to bend the rule book.

sky blue hoodie on the mic

The Staple Hoodie and Earlham Cargo Shorts

When you see yourself in others, then it's time to go to work and so we recently linked with Henny to put together a conceptual campaign that showcased his journey in the music game. Through the juxtaposition of open wide space and the gritty reality of city life, we created a set that magnified the projection of Hen$haw's music to the wider world. An artist making his voice heard in the most powerful and unconventional way.

The set up at Leytonstone Flats

On the rise together - Hen$haw and Chase

Check out the full lookbook here and stream the accompanying KING x Nü Inc management Spotify playlist that features all of the best artists on the Nü Inc label.

Microphone and speakers

KING x Hen$haw. It's the Nü

Self started - Self funded - Self made. King x Hen$haw - Greaze...



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