The ‘Puffer’ jacket. Once just the reserve of the those on the ski slopes of a winter season, the genuine and wannabe ‘arctic’ explorers with deep pockets and rappers around a burning oil drum on a Bronx projects corner. The Puffer has come a long way and thanks to every man and his dog now owning a clothing brand it has become a staple part of any winter collection - from fast fashion, to basic start ups to luxury retailers getting on the ‘streetwear’ bandwagon.

2024 Puffer Jackets

Not every puffer jacket, however, is created equal. The spectrum is wide. Your bog standard brands will offer the usual matte nylon shell with a synthetic fill and branded badges and embroideries. They all look the same and have the same shape and design (mainly due to being made in the same factories). It's puffer jackets by numbers. Look up in any high street and you'll see them. They look decent and will keep you warm but you'll more than likely get soaked though in the rain and need a replacement in a couple of winters time.

Next is the fast fashion protagonists, whose puffers you can't really even call puffers. They're just jackets made to look like puffers but with zero functionality. They're not even guaranteed to keep you warm in September. Ultra thin nylon shells, the cheapest synthetic fill and about as durable as a paper straw in a McDonald's milkshake. There's plenty to choose from but they mostly tick the box on a purely aesthetic level.

Nylon Shell Puffer Jacket

Higher-end functional brands make some serious puffer jackets but you'll probably need deep pockets. Canada Goose and Moose Knuckles, for example, don't mess around when it comes to construction, durability, functionality and expertise in design. Using genuine down, or the highest grade synthetic substitute, you'll pay upwards of £800 for this level of puffer but you won't be buying another one for 10+ years. They're the experts for a reason.

High-End Canada Goose Puffers

Then it comes to those jackets that use the puffer as a canvas to create something more unique, understated and design-led. This is where the KING Degenerate cord puffer sits. The box cut gives it a unique shape and the construction is a bespoke waterproof brushed cord with a high-grade synthetic fill (you're staying dry as well as warm). The tooling, lining and detailing is meticulously designed and the construction is amongst those higher-end options. You might not be able to venture to the deepest depths of Antartica but you're good in any regular weather and won't be having to find a replacement for a decade.

The KING Degenerate Puffer Jacket is available in very limited numbers.

KING Degenerate Puffer Jacket - Titanium Grey
KING Degenerate Puffer Jacket - Onyx Black