Setting up a trade show stand and trudging around a very humid New York is actually quite tiring if you're a pasty Northerner like me, so it was with relief that we were invited by Greg from Mishka to come and chill in L'amour Supreme's art studio to shoot the shit and drink some beers.

Greg recommended stopping by the Whole Foods on Delancy to grab some beers. I was genuinely astonished by the selection - why can't the Stoke Newington branch of Whole Foods have this? The photo above represents just one wall of three just like it. All stocked with beer and all in varying sizes, like the can of Asahi that Tim found that was roughly the same size as his thigh.


I've hung out with Greg a few times now, most notably when we met over breakfast for this interview. He's honest, open and refuses to follow whats on trend and as such is a pleasure to spend time with. Mishka, like King, has also been going 10 years and it was interesting hearing both Tim and Greg reflect on what a decade of running a streetwear brand is like.


L'amour adds to a picture Greg started, featuring one of his 'Twerps' characters  Every Tuesday L'amour and Greg meet in L'amour's studio to raw, drink beers, and auction off their art via Instagram. Fans bid in the comments over an hour or two, with the highest bidder in that time frame obviously winning the picture.

Last week when we were there they were auctioning off this 'Bat Hicky' piece that L'amour did, as well as a bunch of other small bits.


L'amour's studio has so much mad shit in it, with Tim and I obviously drawn to this canvas.


These little characters were being painted to ship off to Comic Con



I don't even know what to say about this, couldn't resist a selfie though



How many of you have a creepy Ronald McDonald head? Yeah, thought not. 



I kinda wish I'd grabbed this twerp before it went on auction if I'm honest! Although I'm not sure how my girlfriend would feel about it hanging in our bathroom?

The night was fun and ended on us getting involved in some weird rap battle in the studio next door, before rolling out to a bar a few blocks away to continue the party. Needless to say both Greg and I were a little hungover the following morning.