Friday the 22nd saw the cinematic release of the highly anticipated Urban drama by British musician, writer and film director Rapman – Blue Story.

Having made his name with the 3-part internet series sensation ‘Shiro’s Story’, Rapman’s production and directing talent was quickly spotted. He was subsequently picked up by RocNation and in collaboration with Paramount pictures began the ‘Blue Story’ project in 2019.

Rapman's BLUE STORY and KING
Blue Story featuring KING

Filmed across a 28 day period in 2019 and set in the London borough of Lewisham, the gritty, candid and often moralistic drama paints a picture of life in urban Britain, reflecting the reality for many people and drawing on Rapman’s many experiences as a young man growing up in this environment.

Rapman's BLUE STORY and KING
The genius Rapman

Having been brought inside on the project, we worked closely with the styling and wardrobe department to bring as much authenticity as we could to the outfits worn and the characters in the film - the first collaborative effort between Blue Story and KING.

Sean Sagar
Sean Sagar who plays Skits in Blue Story

The KING collection was used as outfits for central characters including Daps, Switcher and Skits - played by long term KING team member and actor Sean Sagar (Ill Manors, Top Boy, Our Girl) as well as a host of extras and background characters throughout the film.

Rapman's BLUE STORY and KING
Switcher in the Plaistow Tracksuit

Our history in being involved in homegrown UK cinema goes back to previous film releases such as Plan B’s Ill Manors and the classic Adulthood, and as such it was an honor to be involved in a film that has been critically acclaimed and stands as the pinnacle of UK urban cinema and for UK urban culture.

KING with Sean Sagar
On Set with Blue Story actor Sean Sagar

Huge recognition must go to Rapman for his vision and talent as well as identifying KING as an authentic and coveted brand, essential for creating the authenticity and integrity of the films wardrobe. A talent set for big things – Rapman is a name to watch.

Rapman's BLUE STORY and KING
Sean Sagar in the Tennyson tracksuit

We have set up a special Blue Story section on our website where you can pick up a selection of the KING items worn in the film including the Plaistow tracksuits and Stepney hoodies as well as other KING products including caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets - all made in limited runs and with no repeats. Once these have sold out, they won’t be coming back. Follow the link here.

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