• King Kong - King Apparel takes on Hong Kong and China

    The middle of November saw the King Apparel seasonal excursion half way across the globe to Hong Kong and the world's biggest factory outlet - China. An essential trip for product development and keeping ahead of the competition with collections, trends and fabrics. On the Hong Kong flex. Hong Kong...

  • All Big Things Have Small Beginnings - King Apparel International Tour

    The start of July saw me pack my bags up, make my bed for the last time in a while and prepare for the non-stop international trade show circuit that would see us take in Berlin fashion week, The New York Modern Assembly week of shows and finally Magic week...

  • Making Moves - Brazil and South America PART 2

    Beginning at the crack of dawn the retail tour essentially saw us bomb around the whole of Sao Paulo checking out all different types of stores and shopping districts in order to get a handle on how streetwear is positioned and received in Brazil, and the potential of making a...

  • Making Moves - Brazil and South America PART 1

    Outside the hotel. Token Japanese tourist shot. After a little over a year of organisation and negotiation the scene was finally set to get back on another couple of planes, eat as little airplane food as possible, drink gin (and sometimes tonic) and watch re-runs of films that flopped...

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