A new year, a new decade. A time when thoughts are centered on change, self improvement, setting and smashing goals and becoming the KING of your reality.

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The Quiet Storm - Myers x KING

This year we focus on a selected group of individuals from the KING affiliate stable, all who have started from the bottom and have risen to become KING’s of their field. Inspirational stories, challenging journeys and ambitious rises – these are the faces of a new generation - #FITFORAKING

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On the buttons

Sometimes the influence and reputation of an individual far outweighs the numbers you see on social media. Myers is one of those artists - with a notoriety and talent that precedes him and whose name is increasingly on the lips of those throughout the music industry

Having started his musical journey in 2018 and raised in the tough surroundings of the London borough of Newham, Myers early releases – most notably the ‘Motorway Music’ project - provide an unequalled authenticity and honesty in the lyrical content. With a unique story telling ability, Myers is able to unapologetically paint a picture of what real life can be like for young men in Urban Britain without ever trying to glamourize that reality.

Fit For A KING – Myers
#FITFORAKING - Fire in the booth

An artist who champions music as a way out of the troubles of city life, Myers moved himself out of the area, concentrating on his family life and his journey through music so that he could concentrate on a positive message still laced with an integrity and authenticity that is often lacking in the mainstream.

This decisive strategy of hard work and creating an environment to flourish led to Myers ‘Common Kid’ being picked up for the Netflix Top Boy soundtrack and by the end of September it was in the top 10 of most Shazamed tracks in the country. The video aired at the end of 2019 with Apple music looking to secure a record deal off the back of the singles unquestionable popularity, a move strengthened by the scheduled release of  his new EP ‘Overdue’ for Spring 2020.

Fit For A KING – Myers
Studio vibes

One of the few artists that is following his own road, retaining the utmost integrity and authenticity to his roots, not forgetting but learning from his troubled upbringing, and providing a positive voice and direction through his upcoming and future work.

Myers is one of the new generation of KING’s in the UK scene. #FITFORAKING

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