Being signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D record label and identified by Rhianna as one of her favourite artists, would be enough for most people making it in the music game…but not HXLT, who has his sights set on becoming a household name in his own creative inimitable style.

Born in Chicago, HXLT was raised listening to sounds from Lep Zeppelin, to The Clash, to 2Pac; a mix of styles that clearly is reflected in his work.

HXLT music in King Apparel
HXLT music in the King Apparel Military Mac

Perceived as one of the few genuine all-rounders in music, he is able to bring a style that is influenced by and mixes vocals, gangsta rap and a mash-up of acoustic, punk, rock and hip-hop elements creating a sound that stands on its own. It is this diversity and eclectic approach that brought HXLT and King Apparel together, sharing a vision that brings to life their creative approaches to fashion, music and lifestyle.

He recently finished his world tour taking in Japan, Australia, Italy, the UK, Canada and the USA, which cemented his reputation for having one of the most high energy live shows in the calendar. Having recently inked a new deal, his first self-titled album HXLT, will be followed up later this year on G.O.O.D music/Def Jam.

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