A new year, a new decade. A time when thoughts are centered on change, self improvement, setting and smashing goals and becoming the KING of your reality.

Fit For A KING - Ian Heinisch
#fitforaking Ian Heinisch

This year we focus on a selected group of individuals from the KING affiliate stable, all who have started from the bottom and have risen to become KING’s of their field. Inspirational stories, challenging journeys and ambitious rises – these are the faces of a new generation - #FITFORAKING

Ian Heinisch Outdoors
Started from the bottom...


When we talk about those individuals who in no uncertain circumstances are KING’s of their field – none come closer than UFC middleweight fighter Ian Heinisch.

Fit For A KING - Ian Heinisch

Ian’s story - rising from the very, very bottom to become one of the top 10 UFC middleweight fighters and a contender for the world title – is so unreal, that if it was made into a movie, you’d say it was too far fetched.

From skipping bail in the USA, to roaming Europe and arriving in Tenerife. To meeting drug cartels and becoming a cocaine mule. To doing hard time in Spain, discovering MMA and finding God. To returning home, Rikers Island and elevating through the MMA circuit to the heights of the UFC.

The Hurricane Ringside
The Hurricane #FITFORAKING

We can’t tell you that story better than Ian. So we’ll let him do it. Click the link https://bit.ly/3aCUrBb you will NEVER forget this story.

Ian Heinisch -  never has the crown been more fitting. #FITFORAKING

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