In4mation are one of those brands that spring to mind when you think of the handful of truly credible streetwear brands that have spawned from the US in the last 10 years. Based in Hawaii, the brand has always had a strong following, and when it partnered with an agent on the East Coast in NY several years ago, the brand blew up, going toe to toe with the likes of aNYthing and Mighty Healthy. Indeed they were one of the first US brands much like King to have a hat made on the original Starter black label block out of NY before everyone jumped on the Starter hype.


Now with everything being handled back at the Hawaii HQ in4mation continue to push the forefront of streetwear. It was with great pleasure that we were able to meet with all of the guys who run the brand and their legendary store The Human Imagination at Agenda and lay the foundations for an international friendship between London and Hawaii.


King Apparel can be purchased at The Human Imagination store in Honolulu from later on this month and keep your eyes peeled to the site and all of our social networking channels for updates on when that drops.



Special shout to Keith, Ryan, James and Darrin and all the guys at the brand. Aloha!