The multi-talented Deno, has over the last few years grown to become one of the most notable artists in the UK culture, renowned for his consistent innovation and ability to switch lanes, most recently in his role in GRM/Sheridan De Myers short series ‘The Re-Up'.  This month we bring you KING X DENO DRIZ.

Deno Driz in the new king apparel summer collection.
Deno Driz - "Better Now" - Run it up

Starting as a social media sensation who rose to fame via his singing on the ‘gram, he has quickly become the choice of the new generation.

Known for his original, clean and unique sound with all round fresh attire - he has collaborated with the likes of Cadet (R.I.P), Krept, Digdat, Jay1, OFB, Chunkz, Dappy, Swarmz, Polo G, Charlie Sloth and many more.

This month saw him drop his latest track - “Better Now” - alongside smooth visuals and certified fits, including the limited edition Whitechapel Varsity Jacket from our latest collection release. Available in two colours, these jackets were made on a capped production run and as usual there will be no repeats once sold out (No hype!)

Deno Driz on set for his new music video
For the Culture - KING X Deno

Donning the showpiece garment, Deno masterfully mixes lyrics and melodies from Ed Sheeran’s hit “Lego House”, offering a reflective perspective, maturing subject matter and tackling subjects of toxic traits and self-improvement.  

Deno Driz in the new King Apparel Whitechapel Varsity Jacket
KING X DENO - The Choice Of A New Generation

Eighteen years in the game, we have always pioneered supporting the most legit UK talents and the Deno collab is testament to this   


Shop the statement streetwear look & take in “Better Now” below

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