In the midst of his sold out national NEW AGE tour with Randolph, KSI took some time out to appear on the Chicken Shop Date youtube channel.

KSI in KING red leyton cap
KSI in KING red leyton cap

Joining a coveted list of talents that include Santan Dave, footballer Bernardo Silva, Krept and Konan and more, creator and journalist Amelia Dimoldenberg puts her 'dates' through a deadpan grinder of questions, insults and more all whilst munching on the local chicken.

A lot of questions were asked, but the most important of: Was the burger dead? Did bossman throw in a free hot wing? were not asked...mucho disappointing. Will have to reach for Chicken Connoisseur's 'The Pengest Munch' for the truth on those questions...

KSI donned a red Nike twinset, and more importantly picked things up in the brand new Leyton curved peak cap. He knows the drill.

You can watch the  hilarious results on the Chicken Shop Dates youtube channel. Go check it out.