Day two of the Agenda show kicked off with a bang. And when I say Bang I actually mean with Ryan from Hat Club coming by to check out the new range. You saw the blog post yesterday, and Ryan is the man who not only built that store but also believed in us and became one of our first US stockists.


Marathon runner and awesome dude Robin Arzon stopped by to check out the stand - follow her on Instagram!


You know I've got my trade show lunch game on lock. This chicken mole did the trick.


Decided to walk around the show a bit and check out what's going on elsewhere. If I'm being honest I didn't see a huge amount of anything worth photographing, nobody is really doing anything groundbreaking at the moment apart from a select few. On the upside there were definitely less bucket hats than a UK show would have.


Is it just me or does $6 seem quite expensive for a bottle of beer?


The highlight of the show for me was checking out my friends over at Gourmet, they've always got some incredible stuff in the works. Or terrible, depending on how you look at it. These $200 snakeskin 35's are sure to divide opinion however...


... as are these. Whatever they are. Really light though!


10 Deep have been one of my favourite brands for a long time now, and they were certainly one of the only major streetwear brands at the show who were experimenting with fabrics, cuts, appliqué's, all sorts. Hats off to Scott and the crew as they've been killing it for a while now.


Went back over to Official to see what Justus had going on and this bucket hat was a definite highlight.


Camo and mesh? Shit man, bucket game is OVER.


The lovely Lani Lee came over to check the stand and see what we have going on. She was shooting all the ageing streetwear industry people for Agenda during the week, which makes a nice change from the attractive and naked ladies she usually shoots.


Thanks 10 Deep for the lighter and rolling papers. I don't smoke though. Does anybody want them?


Tim got interviewed by the Visually Inklined crew, I must have got him at an off moment, he was definitely enjoying it! Stay tuned to see how the interview turned out.