Final few days and first things first; see if we have one of 'those' roofs that we can get onto. We do.


Orchard Street is the best, seriously.


See that tall building over there? That's the new World Trade Centre, America's 'Fuck you' to Bin Laden.


Tim and I both love Mexican food, so it was no surprise that that's pretty much all we ate in the evenings. I also developed a fondness for the Mexican beer 'Tecate' and much like Corona they serve it with a lime wedged under the ring-pull, except with the addition of salt on the rim. It's worth noting that we ate every single evening meal within 2 blocks of our apartment, Orchard and the surrounding streets has a lot to offer and we barely even scratched the surface.


The reason Tim looks so smug here is because this particular morning of visiting our local breakfast spot, we appeared to have been transported to a parallel universe where no ugly girls exist. There were beautiful, breakfasting women filling the spot and it was a joyous occasion. Clearly I didn't photograph any of them so you'll have to take my word for it...



East Harlem, home of the store 'Goliath'. But more on that later.


Actual Harlem, where we went to visit the guys at Atmos, but again - more on that soon.


'See something crooked in NYC? Report corruption on...' 'How about NYPD?'


Before we were due to fly home we met up with Kristin who took us to this awesome brunch spot called Freemans, that for New York standards is pretty out of the way, down an alleyway off Rivington. I wish I'd photographed the roast pork and picked zucchini sandwich I had as it was incredible.


Kristin moved to New York about five years ago and was our guide for the day. The plan was to make like Jay Z and head down to Tribeca to check out the view of Jersey City and Battery Park.


Alife had just released their Jadakiss t-shirt and these posters were everywhere.



We'd been to DQM and it was only right that we went to check out Dave's Wear House in China Town. For those that don't know, here's whats up. DQM was co-founded by Chris Keeffe and a guy called Dave Ortiz. The store was originally called 'Dave's Quality Meats' before the co-founders abruptly parted ways and the Chris re-named the store to DQM.

Dave is the dude. New York born and bred, he's one of the OG skaters of the scene that was around when Stussy and Supreme were still the meeting points for the scene and Zoo York were still relevant. Dave actually went on to be the team manager for Zoo York in it's Heyday (thanks for nothing Mark Ecko), before opening Dave's Quality Meat's with Chris Keeffe in 2003.


Dave's latest venture is Dave's Wear House, that not only stocks sneakers, apparel and skateboards, but also BMX and fixed gear bikes, pandering to a wider audience. As much as I was slightly disappointed in the store's appearance and inventory, it was cool to see that Dave is still doing his thing.


The man himself was just hanging out building bikes when we visited and it was great to meet the guy and reminisce about how awesome Red Bull Mean Streets was.

New World Trade Centre. Fuck you Bin Laden they've just build a bigger one!



This is the Ghostbusters base or whatever. Tim reckons it was his favourite thing he saw all week. I reckon he needs to get out more.


I thought this sign was awesome until I got told it was actually part of a J.Crew concept store.


Who wouldn't want one of these? Seeing as Robert De Niro owns most of Tribeca I'm hoping this was his, that would be so badass.



Kristin, you're doing it wrong.


See you later Battery Park!