Winter skies
LIDS HQ. That Blue Sky = temperatures of minus 20!

Before taking in the New York show i made a trip over to Indianapolis in the deep midwest (via Detroit) to visit the home of cap specialists Lids who currently stock our AW13 line of snapbacks and 5 panel caps. A temperature of -20 and a thick layer of snow greeted me at the airport as well as a cab driver who:

1. Had no satnav or smartphone

2. Guessed where my hotel was, but was only 65% sure

3. Spoke only broken English

4. Was so blind he couldn't see anything one metre in front of his face without specs!


After shouting the name of the hotel and street to him for the 43rd time the penny finally dropped and i moved up front to show him how to get there. Arriving in one piece, i worked off the 17hrs of traveling by watching criminal car chases on the local news...underrated.

I awoke the next day having slept off the trauma of the cab journey, nailed the meeting with the good people at Lids and headed to the airport, yet nothing could have prepared me for the adventure that awaited.

Snow shadow
After a good headwear meeting with LIDS!

Needing to be in NY for the Agenda tradeshow the next day i arrived at the airport to find almost all East Coast airports on total lockdown. A huge snow storm had blown in and i was told by every tom, DICK and harry in the airport to forget getting to the show. There is always more than one way to skin a cat, and undeterred, being my devious and resourceful self i managed to wangle my way to Detroit and a seat on a connecting flight to Philadelphia (which was 90% likely to be cancelled too)?! I hedged my bets and got to Detroit to find i had the only flight still heading East! Secret Fist Pump.

View from the Plane Window
Setting Sun to the West

Still i had no clue how to get to New York! A little research later, reading a few blogs written by internerds and i sorted tickets on a provincial train to the city centre where i picked up a 2hr train to downtown NYC.

The Philly Train
Planes, Trains and Automobiles

From an easy 2hr flight to the Big Apple i found myself on a 9hr epic through mental snowstorms, sketchy plane landings, hairy cab rides and eventual destination at our 6th floor badman Lower East Side apartment. The cosy warm bed and a sense of satisfaction at beating the odds made it all worthwhile! That is what traveling is all about...

Old School Apartment
KING Apparel HQ. This LES apartment was SICK!