Damn Right!
Damn Right...NYC

Our third time in NYC in less than a year as King Apparel starts to take off on a global scale and we are never disappointed in discovering new things and places on every visit. Basing ourselves in the Lower East Side we were only ever walking distance from Brooklyn and Williamsburg or a subway ride uptown or over to the districts of Tribeca and Downtown.

Uptown from Williamsburg Bridge
This is what i call a view

NYC Subway madness
Apparently these lot are on the next series of X Factor

The Subway in NY is next level, its not unusual to be walking down the platform and find a full acoustic band on the go banging out the latest Jazz riffs. So good.

The LES plays host to some really good bars and restaurants as well as a burgeoning streetart scene. One noticeable thing is that many billboard ads are painted directly onto the brick work of buildings which makes for a nice authentic feel. Good to see streetwear veterans LRG still going hard on the NY scene.

Street Art
This should be your answer to every question you get asked.

LRG showing how it's done

Obviously we stickered the hell out of every spot we visited whilst on our adventures and despite the cold were still able to seek out the famous fire station that played host to the Ghostbusters movies - Tourist alert!


Who you gonna call...?

The dogs of NY don't appreciate the cold so much, and in most instances are given little shoes to wear. Gay or cute?! You decide.

Dogs in shoes?!
Dogs in shoes?!

The Sunday saw us retreating out of minus 20 temperatures and holed up in the most amazing little bar made form a converted barn in the middle of Tribeca. Smith and Mills is the place if you want to down some easy beers and eat the most amazing poached eggs with lobster - i might sound like a hipster douchebag but don't knock it till you've tried 'em. They go off!

A Hipsters dream meal...shame it went into my cake hole.

Next stop the plastic fantastic Vegas and Agenda part deux.