This place was heaving, and it had nothing to do with the rain.

London has seen many of its traditional streetwear and sneaker independents bite the dust in the last 10 years. Mash (RIP), The Candy Store (RIP), Foot Patrol (JD sports) the list goes on.

UK representation. Much Love to the West London followers.

However, West London residents and those with their fingers on the pulse will know that in Shepherds Bush and Harlesden lie not 2 but 3 of the best stores you will find, not just in London but in the country.

Get the latest KING drops at Sports Dimension & Lock'd

Sports Dimension and its younger sibling Lock'd are located a stones throw from the West London Westfield complex while the sister SD store is located further North bang smack in the middle of the busy Harlesden shopping district.

Sneakers...i could drop a cold 10 bills in here.

What sets these guys apart (notwithstanding their collection of literally all of the finest streetwear brands under the sun including the latest King drops is their sneaker game. I will lay my neck on the line right now and say these guys have the best sneaker choice, collection, knowledge, game…whatever you want to call it…in the UK.

All the Jordan madness under one roof.

Their US import lead-time is ridiculous (they regularly get Nike tier zero and quickstrike releases before Foot Patrol), they cover all the Nike and Jordan bases, both women and men's and if you're in the know they will give you personalised notification when special releases are due in.

Toe boxes.

Bil and Abs, the brothers behind the operation have mad passion for the culture and keep your eyes peeled as they have some big plans to bring their West side empire even closer to the centre of the UK's capital. Follow the team on instagram

The RS houndstooth snapback. The Wonka golden ticket of snapbacks.