Following our meeting at Quintin we took the beast (Hybrid Automatic Toyota Prius) and burned rubber to Little Tokyo located just outside the Downtown skyscrapers


This little area actually holds host to some of the best streetwear stores in LA and satisfies the cravings of tourists and Asian locals alike who cannot get enough new hats, sneakers and tee’s. Amongst notable names are RIF, Aristocrats, Blends sneaker store, Non Factory and of course Bowls.

Bowls, is one of LA’s most iconic streetwear stores. Established in 2007 it has a large Hundreds presence naturally with the brand being born in and run by Little Tokyo natives. Stocking a tight selection of brands, the store has a cooling, vintage feel to it that makes you want to stay and hang out, even if just to escape the burning heat outside.

The store is run by Victor who also takes care of the buying, and you can tell he knows his onions as the place was packed when we left. Well worth a visit if you’re ever downtown to get a bowl of LA’s best noodles