As you will have read on our New York blog posts, Hat club were one of the first stores in the US to carry King Apparel several years ago with product in Soho NY and now in the brand new flagship store in Santa Monica off of 3rd street promenade.


The store is as slick as it gets. Clean lines, understated signage and an untreated wooden finish give everything a premium flavour. If its caps you’re looking for then this is the place to check for.


They have everything from the top tier streetwear labels as well as all the finest American sports licensed hats you can find. No filler.



Our Classics Defy snapback looking good


Niko the store manager was on hand to give us the lowdown on the store fit, opening and strong following they have already established in the few weeks that they have been open and we ran him through all the new product they will be getting in later this month.


A pleasure to hang out with, add them up on Instagram @hatclubsantamonica