As we diversify our collections and introduce even more bespoke manufacturing and patterns, so the variety of options increases. Our T-shirts are now available in both our regular fit shape and also our more fashion-forward box fit shape.

What’s the difference?

From Box Fit to Regular Fit

Regular Fit. 

The T-shirt that we have honed to perfection over 20 years. Built on our own refined shape, custom fabrics (180gsm heavyweight combed cotton) and trims and of course nothing but the highest quality prints, applications and embellishments. If a solid, extremely well made, long-lasting T-shirt is your go to, then our regular fit is the one for you. Remember our motto - never twist, never shrink, never fade.

Our coveted regular fit T-shirt shape

Box Fit.

Our latest T-shirt shape is our top of the line offering. Again built to our custom specification the shape is a little wider and looser with a longer sleeve on the arm. Critical to the fit and ‘drop’ of the T-shirt is the weight. Coming in at a lofty 240gsm heavyweight combed cotton, these T-shirts are robust, of the highest quality and feature our premium applications, embroideries and prints. A fashion-forward T-shirt for streetwear connoisseurs and fashion aficionados alike.

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Premium level box-fit T-shirts