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  • KING Royal Pack featuring Poundz

    As we enter 2020 we have ramped up the levels once again with the release of our exclusive limited edition Royal Pack featuring Poundz.

  • KING x LIDS - New 2019 Drop

     The brand new drop of exclusive KING x LIDS headwear has now been launched, with the US and Canadian head wear giants inserting the premium collection into their top tier stores across North America and Canada. As part of the ongoing partnership between LIDS and KING we have again...

  • Streetwear in Australia – KING on the rise

    Streetwear in Australia – KING As the demand for streetwear in Australia grows, an increasing number of independent retail stores are starting to pick up on many of the leading international brands in the industry. At the forefront of this is King with stores throughout the country and all...

  • USA headwear - Behind The Scenes LIDS shoot

    US and Canadian head wear giants LIDS have just received the latest drop of KING London SMU headwear throughout both the USA and CANADA as well as online at As part of the ongoing partnership between LIDS and KING we have produced an exclusive campaign of content that will...

  • Streetwear in Virginia - KING

    King Headwear in the USA King has always been renowned for making their products accessible to local retailers and have struck again by linking up with independent headwear store Snapback Lane. Streetwear in Virginia is hard to come by, however Snapback Lane, an independent retailer from Norfolk, have recently...

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