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  • Brooklyn streetwear

    The neighborhood of Ridgewood would not instantly strike anyone as being a particularly obvious location for a destination streetwear store. On the border of Brooklyn and Queens, it's a pretty leafy suburb, with a mixture of long time Hispanic residents and the infiltration of the odd hipster here and there...

  • Rudimental - Kings of drum'n'bass

    Without a shadow of doubt Rudimental are now the Kings of drum'n'bass and the EDM scene, and we are humbled that the boys choose to wear the KING line on their festival appearances.   Piers Agget of Rudimental backstage in KING Comprised of Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and...

  • Mandem On The Wall in KING

    Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kartier are one of the most talked about new school comedy acts in the country. The three multi-talented young Londoners are famous for their hit YouTube series Mandem on the wall. Joivan Wade in new AW17 KING apparel The hit Internet series launched in...

  • Partners in Grime, 67 and King

    Emerging in South London on the back of the divergent road rap 'Drill' scene, the infamous South London crew '67' took the streets and the UK by storm over the last 12 months, with several underground bangers already under their belt - ‘Take It There’ and ‘Let’s Lurk’ featuring Giggs...


    This place was heaving, and it had nothing to do with the rain. London has seen many of its traditional streetwear and sneaker independents bite the dust in the last 10 years. Mash (RIP), The Candy Store (RIP), Foot Patrol (JD sports) the list goes on. Get the latest...

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