From acclaimed director Sheridan Demyers and an executive production debut from Deno Driz comes - The Re-Up.

The Re-Up featuring KING
The Re-Up exclusive to watch on GRM Daily

To be released over several parts throughout 2020 exclusively online with GRM Daily, the production follows the life of friends Brandon and Vince as they move from a routine existence of college life, making music, and linking with friends to becoming embroiled in a complex web of situations as they start shotting laughing gas in their neighborhood.

Deno Driz Wearing KING Cap
Deno Driz - recognise

From raving and making money to hostage situations and adultery, just wait till the cliff-hanger at the end!

Having been brought inside from the projects conception, we used our experience having worked on Netflix Top Boy and Rapman’s blue Story, to assist the styling department to bring authentic outfits and looks to the lead characters.

Notable pieces worn by the lead characters Vince and Brandon, played by kays Mckellar and Deno Driz respectively, include the Aldgate tracksuit,  the Leyton cap and the Manor hoodie.

The Re-Up featuring KING
Actor Joseph McLawrence in the Manor hoodie

Our history in being involved in homegrown UK productions runs from the early days of Ill Manors and Adulthood to 2019’s Top Boy and Blue Story and again it was an honour to be involved in a web only series that promises to reach the heights of Rapman’s Shiro’s story over the course of 2020.

Much recognition needs to be made to both Sheridan Demyers and Deno for their talented story telling and ability to bring this to life as well as understanding our position as an authentic and coveted brand to bring integrity to the series wardrobe. These guys names will be up in lights when this plays out -  remember where you heard the names first!

Bethnal Windbreaker Vince
Vince in the Bethnal Windbreaker

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