While out in LA we took the opportunity to head over to Lincoln Heights and link up with our brothers at Quintin Co. to spend some quality time with boss man Brett.


A brand that has seen some transitions of late but is coming strong for the next few seasons with some of the best stuff we’ve seen out of any of the so called big brands. These guys have a large presence in both Japan and Korea and it’s only a matter of time before they are on the lips of all the streetwear heads in the UK.


Brett who has masterminded this upward curve for Quintin is one of the most knowledgeable in the game. One of several brains behind the fated Estate LA brand in the mid 2000’s (including Jason – the boss man at our buddies Official) Brett moved on to create Quintin in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.


The guys at Quintin have a vertically integrated operation meaning that they produce all of their own goods both in their downtown factory and also in their Chinese facility. These facilities also produce goods for some of the big hitters with tons of venture capitalist cash like Huf. Seeing a ton of raw Huf sweaters piled up was a sight to see.


Everything that comes out of the facility is of a good quality, especially the headwear and it was interesting to see the procedures that they go through to piece together that finished product.


We spent a good deal of time going through collections, the themes behind next years ranges and we were super impressed at the relatively young brands output.






The brand isn't readily available in the UK at the moment, but seek and ye shall find.