Culture - Top Boy



Having been brought inside on the TOP BOY project back at the start of 2018, our long running association with the show has seen us work closely with Ashley Walters and the wardrobe department to provide a stamp of authenticity to the background and locations used and the outfits worn by the characters in the show.

Across the past two season KING handled the outfits featured on major characters. As well as being worn by a host of extras and background actors, the original member of Dushane's crew - Dris (played by Shone Romulus) was the chief character selected to be wearing the KING line thoughout in season 1, with season 2 seeing emerging characters such as Kieron (played by Joshua Blissett) and Romy (played by Nishai Caynes) seen throughout, as well as cameo items worn by Jaq (played by Jasmine Jobson). 

The lead star and executive director of Top Boy - Ashley - also continues to be a long time member of the KING family. The authenticity and integrity of the relationship is one born out of respect and a mutual appreciation for each others craft. To this day KING is a staple in Ashley's wardrobe and you can pick up many of these items exclusively on our website.

Critically acclaimed and a milestone in the development and recognition for UK culture, it has been an honour to be so closely involved in a show that is eye opening, educational and explores often untouched themes.

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