Fit For A King

Fit For A KING is a focus on a select group of individuals from the KING affiliate stable who started at the bottom and have risen to the top of their chosen fields. Inspirational stories, challenging journeys and incredible achievements – these are the faces of a new generation. #FITFORAKING

Fit For A KING

Fit For A King - Myers

A music artist with a reputation that precedes him, Myers possesses a unique story telling ability with unequalled authenticity. Having lived a troubled life, his content is unapologetic yet never glamourises this, moreover championing music as a way out, with a focus on a positive message still laced with integrity to his roots. One of the most certified, Myers is the new generation of KINGs.

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Fit For A King - Ian Heinisch

Rising from the very bottom to become one of the top 10 UFC middleweight fighters and a world title contender, Ian Heinisch’s story is unbelievable. From skipping bail in the USA, to roaming Europe; meeting drug cartels and doing hard time in Spain; discovering MMA and finding God, and elevating through MMA to the heights of the UFC. Never has the crown been more fitting.

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Fit For A King - Rants N Bants

North London’s Rants N Bants has risen to one of the highest regarded YouTube football fan TV personalities. The daily hustle is real and when it comes to filming and content creation, there are no days off. With a caustic wit and no nonsense approach, Rants is in a league of his own.

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