Queen & Slim Video


As we move through 2021, KING presents their summer vision featuring avant-garde artist Ryan De La Cruz and stylist/model Nadya Maki, conceptualised by high fashion New York styling authority Quinton Faulkner.

Hip Hop changed the way people dress, speak and express themselves and so we pay tribute to the original culture that not only inspired and translated into the Grime scene born in East London, but also inspired the birth of the KING brand. Ryan De La Cruz carries an enigmatic Tupac vibe whilst Nadya that of the late Aaliyah - and the idea of a 90’s love story set in the hood was born. With several iconic love stories to draw from, the crew gravitated instinctively towards the award winning Queen & Slim. A movie that showcased British talent, set in the iconic 90’s era and that most importantly narrated the story that we all live - a KING and Queen from the streets, living their lives in the hood.

Music: Mamiwata by Ryan De La Cruz [Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter]

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