All proceeds from downloads go directly to frontline health workers fighting Covid-19

Exclusive Wave Mix From KING And Plastician

Over a month in the planning, organising and mixing, the WAVEGANG wave mix is now live on Bandcamp.

Follow the link provided to download the mix directly to your inbox! ALL PROCEEDS from downloads go directly to frontline health workers fighting Covid-19 through our nominated charity NHS Charities Together.

KING Apparel > Plastician
KING Apparel > Plastician

It started as an idea for a playlist, which then developed into a curated contribution from esteemed DJ, Producer and forefather of the Wave movement Plastician, and then into a full-blown exclusive Covid-19 fundraising mix.

Days and nights have been spent engaging with many of the biggest and best producers throughout the Wave movement, via Twitter, SoundCloud and email.

Pulling everyone together and on board, getting the tracks submitted and cleared, artwork developed and then mixing (a notoriously difficult musical genre) was a tall order. But with the hard work, perseverance, enthusiasm and generosity of all involved, the WAVEGANG mix was realised.

Special mention must go to Plastician who helped to connect the dots and is the magician behind the mix. Also over 50 of the Wave movement’s biggest and most talented producers who are involved - a tracklist can be found below so you can follow them all on Twitter and check out their work. A big up also to Bandcamp for making special provision to host the fundraising mix.

In these unprecedented times it’s truly an amazing thing to see so many people come together to support the idea and to donate their time and effort for free. Now it’s time for you guys to do your part!

Please DOWNLOAD the mix to make your donation. We also need you to like, share and comment on this all over social media, email, whatsapp groups - everywhere you can think of! Social media assets can be downloaded below.

Engage your community, friends, and family and let’s get as much money raised for the true heroes of this crisis - the frontline health workers putting their own lives before those of others!

Let’s get these donations firing! #stayhome #staysafe #staystrong #wavegang


SIBEWEST - SHE (@Sibewest) | NIGHT IS MY FUTURE - LETS BE AIR (@nightismyfuture) | REMNANT.EXE - TIMEGARDEN (@remnantsofyore) | YE X PLANET V (TRAPHOOD FAMILY) - HOME (@traphoodfamily) | I DREAMT - DIMENSION JUMPING (@I_Dreamtt) | WRCKTNGL - FALLEN (@WRCKTNGL) | M!NGO, KAVERN - BURN (@manlikemingo) | ALMOGFX - VAGUE (@almogfx) | YAMA -MONEYMAGICMURDER (@yamadubs) | YEDGAR - ASURA (@jyedgar) | RUBEN - WAKE UP CALL (@no_parkr) | INFDL - FOREVER (@INFDLMusic) | DJEDI, MRKRYL, MEMPHIS - THIRD WIND (@brett_djedi) | TRASHLORD (DEVDCROW REMIX) - HOWLS (@tr4shl0rd @devdcrow) | DOTMPEG, MR JAMES - INDIFFERENCE (@dotMPEG__) | W/OUT - DON’T TELL ME (@thisiswithout) | SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS - LETTING GO (@Sidewalks_Jake) | FYOOMZ - HOLD ONTO ME (@fyoomz) | ARAEL, DYZPHORIA - IDONTWANNAWAKEUP (@araelsounds) | DYZPHORIA, KYDDIEKAFKA - POSSESSION (@dyzphoria) | KLASEY JONES - HEART OF GOLD (@KlaseyJones) | ALMOGFX - NIGHT ANGEL (@almogfx) | FIVE SUNS - SOLIS (@fivesunsonvenus) | TOMKILLSJERRY - HOW IT FELT TO WATCH YOU WALK AWAY (@Tomkillsjerry) | COREAL - AQUATICS (@drownmecoreal) | KLASEY JONES - ROMANOVA (@KlaseyJones) | KLASEY JONES, THE WILDCATZ - HIGH OCTANE (@KlaseyJones) | MT.10 - RAPTURE (@MT10music) | STONEMIST - CORAL (@stonemistmusic) | BEAUUK- MOURN (@Beauuk7) | RAVVER - PLAYA DEL ORO (@RavverMusic) | YEDGAR - TRUST (@jyedgar) | MR JAMES - LV-223 (@thisisMrJames) | SPIRIT BOMB, PARAYL - ENDLESS TIDE (@SpiritxBomb) | LOVEWITHME - EVERMORE (@lovewithmemusic) | SHXDE - NUMB (@soundofshxde) | EONE - OPEN SQUARE INDEX (@EoneSoundsUK) | 4BY4 - HIKIKOMORI (@4by4bruh) | UNDERCLOCK - LILITH (@underclock_) | BLAZING - MOMENTUM (@Blazingbeatzz) | JUCHE - TILL WE FALL (@erejuche) | FOX WEDDING - TRY ME (@flexwedding) | KING DEMITRI - DUHKHA (@_kingdemitri) | NICK NEUTRONZ - ICE MATERIA (@nickneutronz) | JUST CONNOR, NOAH B - MURAKAMI (@justbeconnor) | 3ASIC, LJC - YONG (@viasorifer) | NICK NEUTRONZ - IT KEEPS ESCAPING (@nickneutronz) | GENES - THESE WORDS THAT I CAN'T GET OUT (@superisk) | BROTHEL, DIVINE - SMUG (@brothelmusic)

Mixed by: PLASTICIAN (@plastician)