Spectacles is probably the cornerstone at which the music and streetwear scene is connected the most in Detroit. It's a bold statement, but Spectacles has been around 31 years. A store that is not just a store, but a venue for up and coming artists, a ticket outlet, one of the best clothing outlets in the city and run by a veteran and one of the most well respected people in the game – Zana Smith.

It is easy to underestimate the role that Spectacles plays in the underground music and fashion scenes, but it is responsible for nurturing some of the scenes biggest artists and introducing some of the most renowned and recognized brands to the city such as Spike Lee’s 40 acres at the height of his popularity.

Happy King customers at Spectacles Detroit
Happy King customers at Spectacles Detroit

A shop that has been through the almighty struggles and lows that Detroit has suffered in recent decades, as the city starts to re-emerge out of the dark times, they have managed to secure a new lease on their unit that will see them stay located in one of the cities most sought after new neighborhoods and its no less than the store deserves for flying the flag for the city when it needed it most.

We first met Zana at the Agenda show in NY around 3 years ago and have since developed a great relationship, introducing KING in Detroit in 2013. She often snaps customers in the latest KING purchases for social media, building up a library of satisfied punters. From a small presence at the start, KING has now grown to be one of the most popular brands in the store with regulars often waiting in anticipation each season for the next delivery from London.

For those in Detroit, Spectacles is an institution and if you ever pay a visit to the city, seek it out and get a real flavour for the history of one of the USA’s oldest scenes.