Since we launched King back in 2003, the brand has become one of the most UK's most prominent streetwear labels. This was achieved through establishing and sticking to a set of key guiding principles.


No one wants to be seen in the same item of clothing as someone else. This is why our garments are produced in limited numbers and never repeated.


We don't believe in throwaway fast fashion. Instead, we produce durable products that are built to last and have them pattern cut to our own specifications.


Our goal has always been to push the boundaries and set the standards. We changed the game when we became the first brand to work with headwear giants New Era and Starter.


King is a streetwear brand born from the ground up. An integral part of the culture from day one we set the standard and retain a passion for upholding this at all times.


We're different to brands that compromise themselves to shareholders and venture capitalists. Everything we do comes from a handful of select individuals.