London E15
London E15


We started with just the seeds of an idea. 2003 - in the humble surroundings of London's East End.

At the time 'streetwear' as we now know it, didn't exist. Owning and starting a brand was reserved for the corporations and privileged few. But we had one simple aim - to change that and create a British streetwear brand that set the standard to uphold the culture that we are an integral part of.

Our background came from the underground UK music scene, from design and skateboarding but with two major hurdles. We had zero fashion knowledge and zero money. Undeterred we were clear in our vision and goals.

The sacrifices were real. 15 hour days 7 days a week; no time off; learning and educating ourselves (there were no templates to follow!); hustling the sales to every legit store we could find; putting everything we made back into the brand; temping jobs to pay the rent... and through our working class values and the help of the Princes Trust to secure a small start up loan we were able to turn our vision into a reality.

June 2003 - KING launched its first collection.

Our immersion in the culture led quickly to collaborations with emerging music artists of the time, including Plan B and Wretch32 as well as pioneering partnerships with headwear giants New Era and Starter, developing a global reputation as a leader in the British streetwear culture.

Since day one the brand has remained independently owned and operated by us - the original founders - Timmy Hoad and Paul Linton, with the HQ still located in the manor, Stratford E15. From packing boxes in our bedrooms, KING is now sold and distributed globally on five continents and over 300 stores worldwide, as well as online at

KING operates on a set of deeply rooted principles underpinned by ensuring that we always champion the real talent within our culture as well as giving back to the community with workshops and business mentoring. These principles are held in high regard and are key to our respected standing worldwide.