The KING x LIDS 2020 drop of exclusive KING headwear has now been launched across the USA and Canada with the headwear giants laying up the line in both their premium headliner stores and also online via their partnership with Fanatics.

As an integral part of the partnership between LIDS and KING, our team once again produced an exclusive digital and in-store campaign for the collection. This season saw a development on previous animations which have run across all store screens and across social feeds and online ads, letting all the cap aficionados know what they can pick up and where.

As everyone knows, the headwear we make with LIDS is exclusive to their stores, made in limited quantities and we never run repeats on anything, even when it has sold out, so if you like a style you see then snap it up before it disappears.

The KING x LIDS 2020 campaign was put together using green screen, studio shot, stop motion cap technique and then laid into after effects whereby choreographed rotation and animation was put together against various quintessential British backdrop videos.

For each video we drew on our recent collaboration with the Wave music scene for our ‘WaveGang’Covid19 fund raiser mixtape, with the likes of producers Dyzphoria, Yedgar, REMNANT.exe and BlazingBeatz contributing to the campaign.

Check out your latest LIDS outlet for the limited styles which are available now.

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