Released on the 22nd August ‘8 Bar: The Evolution of Grime’ documents the story of the roots and rise of one of the most iconic British musical genres of all time.

The cultural evolvement, timeline and the settings run parallel to the birth, growth and evolution of KING, through a timeline where the brand has been intrinsically interwoven into the culture, protagonists and the disruptive ‘punk rock’ ethos that has become synonymous with the genre.

Wretch32...20 years representing

From the early influences of Jungle and the growth of the Garage scene, Grime rapidly became the voice of reality for young people in Britain - birthed in our home of East London but with a sound that resonated nationwide. A self-started underground scene that fostered its own production, distribution, labels, DVD’s and raves, it was shunned by the mainstream industry, clubs and radio stations. Despite being locked out, Grime and the wider scene has continued to kick down the doors with its influence and sound now surging in popularity across the globe and in the charts. 

Legend of the scene - Ashley Walters

Check out the entire BBC documentary here and read more about the growth and evolution of KING and its side by side journey with Grime in 'Our Story' section here.