September 7th sees the release of the final instalment of the Top Boy saga - Season 3 ‘The Final Chapter’ and once again KING's long running association continues, as we handle the wardrobe for key characters in the show - a relationship built through a shared love for the culture.

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Increasingly important characters such as Kieron (played by Joshua Blissett) and Romy (played by Nishai Caynes) - part of Dushane’s crew, once again have been decked out in the KING uniform so keep your eyes peeled on the outfits of choice.

Kieron played by Joshua Blissett...represent

Having again been brought inside on the final season of the project - six years after we started our association - we worked closely with the wardrobe department, bringing as much authenticity to the background and locations used, as well as the characters in the show. As well as the main cast, look out for exclusive KING pieces in background scenes and extras throughout the episodes. Pree the full trailer for the final season below.

And as a final send off we have gathered all of the best items used in the new series as well as those from previous seasons, all in one place for you to cop one last time. Head over to the special KING x TOPBOY page to make the most of these iconic pieces whilst stocks last as well as checking for the exclusive KING interviews and profiles on the actors above and of course the main man Ashley Walters.

This is KING - This is the CULTURE