Yes, I know that we blogged our previous NYC trip extensively, but I love that city and I went back there the other week so you're just going to have to deal with it yeah?


This time I was based in Williamsburg ,the 'Dalston of New York', or something to that effect. Either way I felt right at home, which probably says a lot more about me than it does the history of Williamsburg.


The Williamsburg bridge is a great way to walk to Manhattan if you want to piss off every single cycle commuter and almost get run over by fixed gear bikes in the process.


This is a terrible photo, I know that, but what isn't terrible is the food at Cafe Habana, or the J-Lo lookalike waitress that worked there. Neither were terrible. At all.


Another place worth searching out if you're about is Rosarito Fish Shack in Williamsburg, scores pretty highly on both the aforementioned parameters, plus does a pretty good burger to boot.



See? Now this is a burger. Thank you America.



Spotted this Mini Golf set up last time we were here and I had to come back. I'm almost as bad at Mini Golf as I am at pretending to care about rap music.



I have friends that really seem to care about shop visits in foreign cities, they say things like 'what did you cop', a phrase that charts pretty highly on my scale of offensive phrases. See, if I was wired that way I would probably have returned with some obscure DQM collab, or something from Reed Space. But I didn't, I just went to Nike and bought items that are available extensively worldwide, but are cheaper here. I'm boring. Give a shit.


Shake Shack has arguably the best burger in NYC and if you disagree you're a clueless moron




Clearly this isn't my hand...


Five Leaves is THE spot for food. Trust me. I discovered this by accident on my first trip to the city a few years back by walking the wrong way out of Bedford Ave. station in the dark. On that first visit it became apparent quite quickly that it has an incredible reputation, despite the fact it's run by Australians.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, whatever. If you go to NYC go here.


This might actually be the best breakfast I've ever had




I love you, you wonderful city