This weekend saw me get busy with putting together the last ever batch of boombox Point of Sale for our retail stores. These are all original 80's boomboxes and every store gets a completely unique model to help merchandise the new collection.

Sharp, Saisho, Phillips, Pioneer, Sony...all in the building
Sharp, Saisho, Phillips, Pioneer, Sony...all in the building.


Once sourced, they get a good clean up and are then primed and sprayed using the ever reliable Montana Gold black series. This stuff is proper toxic, i swear i got mad head rushes despite being covered up on this job.

Montana Gold - hella toxic
Montana Gold - hella toxic.

A boombox in its birthday suit
A Sharp GF-555 in its birthday suit.

Mid spray job
Mid spray job.

Once the paint is dry the stencil kits are printed and cut out and we apply the King branding with the Shock White Montana Gold.

I can use a scalpel pretty darn good
I can use a scalpel pretty darn good.

I think over the past few years we have produced well over 100 of these (some in the original cyan blue and white logo) and the latest batches in the new black branding. It feels like the end of an era with the last set being sent off to their new homes.

arty close up shot
Arty close up shot.

where the fuck are Parcelforce?!
Where the fuck are Parcelforce?!

Nevertheless, we've got some sick ideas in the pipeline for the next shop display programme so stockists best be ready for the pure wave coming your way.

a load of boomboxes
A load of boomboxes.